The Last Arecibo Message


Graphical explanation of the original message. Credit: PHL @ UPR Arecibo.

The Arecibo Message was a brief binary-encoded message sent into space from the Arecibo Observatory in 1974 to demonstrate human technological achievement. In mid-2020, the Arecibo Observatory selected a new message designed by students. The Arecibo Telescope collapsed in late 2020, and the message was never sent.

The Planetary Habitability Laboratory (PHL) will commemorate next November 2024 the 50th anniversary of the Arecibo Message with the event "The Last Arecibo Message" — a celebration of the legacy of the Arecibo Observatory and a look toward the future of interstellar communication.

In preparation for this event, the PHL is developing scientific and educational materials about the Arecibo Message for distribution to interested parties. We invite global organizations to participate by creating educational activities or resources that explore the search for intelligent life and the feasibility of communication with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Contact Prof. Abel Méndez for questions or more information.