These plots show planetary properties associated with mass and radius. They include density, escape velocity, gravity, potential energy, and surface pressure, all relative to Earth. Surface pressure corresponds to the same atmosphere/planet mass ratio as Earth. The planets are color-coded with the equilibrium temperature (assuming albedo = 0.3). The last two plots are color-coded by radius and mass.

Mass-Radius plot for exoplanets with masses and radii below 40% error. Data from the NASA Exoplanet Archive. Composition lines from Zeng+ (2019). All plots below are for the same planets.

Density vs Radius

Density vs Mass

Escape Velocity vs Radius

Escape Velocity vs Mass

Gravity vs Radius

Gravity vs Mass

Potential Energy vs Radius

Potential Energy vs Mass

Surface Pressure vs Radius

Surface Pressure vs Mass

Escape Velocity vs Temp & Radius

Escape Velocity vs Temp & Mass