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Lighter Side

As part of any good scientific activity you need to have some inspiring content for your website, presentations, and office door. Good sources are PhDxkcd, Mark Parisi, and ChaseDilbert and S. Harris are classics. Also watch The Big Bang Theory. Below are a few of our favorite cartoons.


Excellent categorization of astronomers by Stuart Lowe.

This cartoon reminds me of the logic of pseudo-sciences, kind of a Reverse Occam's Razor: The complex or impossible explanation is most likely more amusing. Credit: Oglaf is a usually NSFW series of cartoons by Trudy Cooper.

Earth needs a public relations upgrade to scare off potential alien invaders. Credit: Drew Olbrich.

Carl Sagan and his Fully Armed Spaceship of the Imagination agains the Star Battleship of Astrology.
Credit: A gem by storyboard artist Michael at Ninjerktsu.