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Tasks Page

This is a working page listing a series of small tasks and projects that are currently in progress. This information is only intended for the PHL's students, staff, and collaborators. Please do not share the link to this page.

Visible Paleo-Earth (VPE) Tasks

  1. [A. Alicea] Create a caption for all the 30 VPE time periods. The periods are shown here in Table 1. Limit the description to four sentences; one for climate, geography, life, and any important event (i.e. extinctions).
  2. [J. Padilla] Create images for interpolated periods (every one Mya) for the 30 VPE time periods. Use a free morphing program such as Sqirlz Morph, WinMorph, Free Morphing, FotoMorph, or SmartMorph. Try first FotoMorph. Two other commercial options, if necessary, are Abrosoft FantaMorph and FX Morph.
  3. [A. Mendez] Fix vegetation/land areas registration errors for each of the 30 VPE time periods.
  4. [A. Mendez] Create a new detail layer for the vegetation and land of the VPE.

Ocean Planets

    1. [E. Alfonso] Determine the maximum height of a mountain and a continental landmass of an Earth-like planet as a function of size and mass (i.e. gravity). Assume first an Earth-like crust.
    2. [E. Alfonso] Determine the maximum percent of water that can be incorporated in the crust/mantle of an Earth-like planet as a function of size and mass (i.e. gravity).
    3. [A. Mendez] Determine the maximum percent of water that an Earth-like planet can have, for any land to be exposed, as a function of size and mass (i.e. gravity).