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Limits of Life Database (LLD)

This project is under development and it does not have yet a release day. The information shown here is only for collaborators. Please do not share the link to this page.


The Limits of Life Database (LLD) is a research and educational project that collects and organize the environmental and biophysical limits of microbial to complex life.

Environmental and Biological Variables of Interest

Environmental Limits
  • Temperature, T (°C)
  • Relative Humidity, RH (%)
  • Partial Pressure Oxygen, pO2 (milibars)
  • Partial Pressure Carbon Dioxide, pCO2 (milibars)
  • Partial Pressure Nitrogen, pN2 (milibars)
  • Total Pressure, P (milibars)
  • Water Activity, aw
  • Osmotic Pressure, Po (milibars)
  • Light, Solar Flux, S (solar units)
  • Energy/Food Requirements, Er (calories/day)
  • UV Light
Biophysical Limits
  • Mass, m (kg)
  • Speed, v (m/s)
  • Vertical Height, h (m)
  • Vertical Jump Height, hj (m)
  • Weight Lift, wl (%)
  • Visual Wavelength Range, lw (nm)
  • Visual Light Range, Iv (lux)
  • Audio Frequency Range, fa (Hz)
  • Audio Intensity Range, BI (dB)
  • Color Cell Types, nc
  • Taste Cell Types, nt
  • Smell Cell Types, ns
  • Brain Mass, mb (kg)
  • Brain to Body Mass Ratio, i
  • Number un Neurons, nn
  • Metabolic Rate, B (cal/kg/hour)
Toxic Properties
  • Partial Pressure Methane, pCH4 (milibars)
  • Partial Pressure Ammonia, pNH3 (milibars)
  • Partial Pressure Water Peroxide, pH2O2 (milibars)