Last Update: February 19, 2014

The Exoplanet Stellar Catalog (ESC) is a visual collection of the astronomical images of all the stars with confirmed exoplanets. Current collection consists of color images from the Digital Sky Survey (DSS) via the Aladin sky atlas software. All images are shown at the same scale (roughly the area covered by the Full Moon) with North up. Each star is at the center of the image if visible in visible light. Some are slightly shifted from the center due to rounding errors or the proper motion of the stars. There are also known composition artifacts in some of the images.

This project is under beta testing and future versions will include more imagery and annotations. For more details about the planets around these stars visit the Exoplanet Orbital Catalog or the Habitable Exoplanets Catalog.

Browse the catalog with the thumbnail images above. Some images might take longer to update. Known problems: the star field of WASP-53 is not correct since its location is still not available.

The Exoplanet Stellar Catalog Poster

This poster show all currently known 811 stars with confirmed planets. The total count of planets is 1,075 since many of these stars have more than one planet. Those stars that are easily notable in this image (about 80) are even visible to the naked eye. The poster is good for printing 32”x18” @ 300dpi or for presentations with zoom effects (e.g. Prezi). Requests for the JPG version of the poster can be made to Prof. Abel Méndez.