HEC: Kepler's Potential Habitable Exoplanet Candidates

CAPTION: This image shows all the potential habitable exoplanet candidates from the NASA Kepler Mission including the latest February 2012 data release with additional corrections. The numbers below each one are the Kepler name KOI (Kepler Object of Interest). Those in green color have temperatures more similar to Earth. Red ones are hotter and blue ones colder but probably still habitable, at least by microbial life. The most interesting objects, as Earth-like planets, are the superterrans 701.03, 1686.01, and 2474.01.

All objects are shown to scale with respect to Earth (RE = Earth radii), and other Solar System planets and exoplanets (upper right). The size of Gliese 667C c, HD 85512 b, and Gliese 581 d were estimated with a mass-radius relationship.