Approaching Exoplanets Video Clips

The Approaching Exoplanets Videos Clips are a set of teaser videos produced by the PHL's Scientific Exoplanets Renderer (SER). They show artistic representations of all known potential habitable exoplanets plus Earth and Mars. Planets are shown rotating faster than expected for visual impact. High definition versions of these videos (without audio) are available upon request. Full Credit: PHL @ UPR Arecibo, HPCf @ UPR, and ESO/S. Brunier. Music by Terry Devine-King.

#1. Gliese 581g

#2. Gliese 667Cc

#3. Kepler 22b

#4. HD 40307g

#5. HD 85512b

#6. Gliese 163c

#7. Gliese 581d