HEC: Media

Here are some media resources related to the Habitable Exoplanets Catalog. Also check the PHL Media section for other exoplanets related media. Credit the PHL @ UPR Arecibo or the original source if you use them.

Periodic Table of Exoplanets
These images summarize in eighteen thermal-mass categories most of the current confirmed exoplanets and Kepler candidates. The number of exoplanets in each category are shown in the center of the images. Mean mass (M) and radius (R) in terrestrial units of each sample is at the bottom.

Approaching Exoplanets Video Clips

These video clips show artistic representations of potential habitable exoplanets.

Artistic Representations of Potential Habitable Exoplanets
This gallery shows exoplanets visualizations that were used in the press releases of their original discovery announcements. Click the images for image sources and other resolutions versions. The text includes links to their wikipedia pages and the original press releases.

Gliese 667C c
Here are a few computer generated representation of Gliese 667C c created with SER in HD resolution (1080x1920px).