Do you like the Habitable Exoplanets Catalog?

Please share your opinion or experience with the PHL's Habitable Exoplanets Catalog (HEC). A selection of these comments are being posted here in celebration of the first year of HEC during December. Also, help us improve our content with any suggestions or corrections. Your feedback is important to us.

Selected Comments

"Love the catalog. I write and I'm sure the catalog will provide us writers with destinations and locations of... well future adventures for human kind." — R L O'Hare, Californian, Educator

"Love it. I do astrophysics in my spare time, and this is a fantastic reference for the global community of what's where, and what it might be like." — Dr. Steffen Christensen, Policy Horizons Canada, Ottawa, Canada, Scientist

"My experiences is only with the database, as I was creating found the HEC data to be more useful than the other databases online since it contained more variables of interest." — Lane Harrison, UNC-Charlotte, Student

"I first found the catalog this past spring, and ever since then it's been my go-to place for exoplanet data. The comprehensive data all in one place makes it easy for me to find whatever I'm looking for, and the methods and references have vastly improved my understanding of exoplanet detection, characterization, and habitability. Exoplanet astronomy and astrobiology have gone from things that interested me to likely career fields, and the catalog has been part of that inspiration." — Luke Finnerty, New Trier High School, Illinois, Student

"As humans I believe we are driven to explore and this site puts those astronomical findings in terms even the average person can understand. Thank you for your efforts and keep searching!" — Brian Parpart, Winona, Minnesota

"This catalogue is the best - we all get all the news over possible worlds where life has a chance to exist. I got started with viewing it since this year and in my opinion it is one of the more useful sources. I'm also amazed that most of worlds where water might be in liquid state orbit red dwarf stars. That gives us a large opportunity as we all know our galaxy is mainly build out of those small stars!" — Kamil, Accountant, Poland

"Which one are we visiting first??  Hope I'm alive when we are able to explore these planets." — Branda P

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