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Crossfield et al. (2016) reports the discovery of a system of four Earth-size planets (< 1 R⊕) around the M-dwarf star K2-72, among many other planets. Two of the four planets around K2-72 are in the habitable zone. These are the most Earth-like worlds so far based on their size and stellar flux (see table #1 and #2), given the reported parameters already available in NExScIHowever, the planets are probably larger (1.2-1.5 R⊕) and only the outermost one is barely into the conservative habitable zone based on unpublished results. Therefore, we won't include these planets in the Habitable Exoplanets Catalog (HEC) until new results on K2-72 are published. Below are data and plots based on the currently published parameters, but please do not share until we get new results.

Table #1. Conservative Sample

Table #2. Optimistic Sample

Figure #1: Habitable Zone Plot

Figure #2. Skymap